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Greetings Traveler!  ^_^ 

As a South African now living in the Netherlands, I enjoy working with a diverse group of people with competing ideas.


My approach to software development is to cut out the noise, remove egos from the conversation, and focus on delivering value to the customer through tried and tested software development best practices.


I support my team members through technical excellence and continuous learning with honest and direct feedback.

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My Story

🌐 With over a decade of experience as a software developer, I thrive on the dynamic intersection of technology and creativity. Specializing in full-stack development, I've consistently delivered robust solutions that power high-volume enterprises in FinTech, PropTech, MarkTech, and Gaming.

🚀 As a key contributor to fast-paced teams, I'm dedicated to optimizing feature output and ensuring top-notch quality support. My expertise extends to enhancing, refactoring, and supporting CRMs and microservice architectures. I've led integration projects for industry leaders like AIG Insurance and Virgin Money, managing customer-sensitive data for major South African banks.

🔧 My commitment to excellence extends to startup environments, where I've designed and implemented prototypes for fraud detection and prevention in the Australian FinTech landscape. I thrive in fast-paced teams, contributing to high feature output and ensuring quality support every step of the way.


Feel free to reach me on Linkedin, happy to continue the conversation.

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